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The monitoring meeting this past weekend comes amid “increasing skepticism” in the oil market regarding the odds of a six-month extension, JBC Energy said in a recent report. The rig count continues to rise as well, portending further production increases in the weeks and months ahead.

With prices retracing all of the gains made since the OPEC deal was announced back in November, the cartel faces the prospect of losing market share without any meaningful effect on prices.

“Market Capitalization” is a measure of the estimated value of the common equity securities of the company or their equivalent.

It does not include securities convertible into the common equity securities.

“Jason Bourne,” more than “Star Trek Beyond,” exceeded pre-opening estimates.

Oddly, all three openers scored A or A- from audience pollster Cinemascore.

At work, I worried about being exposed as inadequate; that people would see me blush and think I couldn’t cope.

The following day, Suzi’s GP told her it sounded like she was suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder, a condition that effects one in 25 adults and is thought to be caused by an imbalance of the brain chemicals serotonin and noradrenaline, which help control emotions and behaviour.

Statistics from public body the Health and Social Care Information Centre reveal that prescriptions of propranolol - one of the most commonly prescribed beta blockers - rose by 7 per cent between 20.

Suzi was put forward for an online course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) - designed to rearrange thought patterns and address negative behaviours - and prescribed up to four tablets of propranalol a day.

Within a week, she says, her anxiety all but disappeared.

Beta blockers work by blocking the effects of the stress hormones adrenalin and noradrenaline, which cause the physical symptoms of anxiety - the increased heart rate, blushing, clammy palms and panic attacks. The side-effects of this medication can include nausea, stomach pains, cold hands and feet, insomnia, loss of libido, slow heartbeat, blurred vision and depression.

If taken by an asthmatic, they can exacerbate breathing problems, triggering a potentially fatal asthma attack, and, crucially, they do nothing to tackle the issues that cause anxiety in the first place.‘Beta blockers work on a superficial level by dampening the physiological symptoms of anxiety, but they don’t deal with the underlying emotional issues,’ says Dr Natasha Bijlani, a consultant psychiatrist specialising in women’s mental health at London’s Priory Hospital. ‘Some people have alcohol and cigarettes,’ she says. I don’t want to be on them for ever, but they provide me with an emotional crutch and I worry when I’m without them.’Suzi started suffering from tremors and insomnia at 17 while studying for her A-levels.

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