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No es una diferencia tan grande como seria en España.

pero de siempre os he comentado que comer en Japón en restaurantes sale casi igual (o a veces mas barato) que hacerte tu propia comida en tu casa…

One major study puts the global death toll at more than a million human beings.

The Times says Chernobyl’s terror is “more powerful than Three Mile Island before it or Fukushima after it.” Three Mile Island suffered an explosion and melt-down in 1979.

» mehr Das von Fehlern und technischen Problemen geplagte Raven's Cry bekommt eine überarbeitete Neuauflage: Vendetta: Curse of Raven's Cry bekommt diverse neue Inhalte und soll einiges besser machen als das Original.

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» mehr Der Entwickler Reality Pump hat das Piraten-Rollenspiel Raven’s Cry mit dem Update 1.01 massiv verbessert.

In support of the dying nuclear power industry, the New York Times Editorial Board has penned an inadvertent epitaph.

Appearing in the May 2 edition, The Right Lessons from Chernobyl twists and stumbles around the paper’s own reporting.

Already “almost a decade behind schedule,” its completion is “a race against time” due to the “decrepit state of the sarcophagus” meant to contain the radiation there.

That we still must fear Chernobyl more than 28 years after it melted and exploded underscores the “nightmarish side of nuclear power.” That the “vast steel shield” may not be done in time, or may not even end the problem, is downright terrifying, especially in light of the “near-bankruptcy of Ukraine,” not to mention a political instability that evokes horrific images of two hot wars and the cold one.

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