Nick jonas is dating miss universe

Rumors of trouble in paradise first circulated last week, after the couple hit NYC for work reasons, but stayed in separate hotels.One source tells Us that the two didn't even see each other during their time in the Big Apple.Jonas met Culpo when he co-hosted the 2013 Miss USA pageant alongside Giuliana Rancic. Girlfriend can handle being Miss Universe without breaking a sweat, but the thought of her boyfriend getting down on one knee to propose just sends her into a frenzy! Nick Jonas and his lady love recently attended the 2014 Miss Universe pageant on Sunday.

However, we do imagine the world would've exploded if it actually happened. In Olivia Culpo's defense, it would've been done in front of billions of people on national TV, but is that really worse than being judged by the whole world? The singer was there for a performance while Olivia was obviously there to show support![ Related: Nick Holds Onto Olivia's Curves At The Miss Universe Pageant ] The singer revealed during his performance, Olivia's face went from happy to panic mode when he got down on one knee and moved towards her. He explained in a recent interview: That's so daunting to think of, but we don't blame her!“They were holding hands and there were fans standing outside,” the source reveals.“As soon as they saw the fans, they stopped holding hands.” Jonas stopped to chat with his fans, while the beauty queen continued up the street.

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