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The advocate fosters an environment of independence, so you gain confidence in your choices and begin to trust your own decisions and advocate for yourself.

More and more Minnesotans every year turn to us during one of the worst times in their lives.

Please read additional information about the Training Institute registration and cancellation policies below.

To learn about the trainers at the PPNYC Training Institute, read their bios.

At the Sexual Violence Center, all of our services are provided by sexual assault advocates.

I was young and scared and never told anyone that this person committed this crime?But Alberta Provincial Court Justice Jerry Le Grandeur said the complainant was inconsistent and lacked credibility at times when she testified about being raped in a washroom in 2011.As a result, in a case in which the only direct evidence of what happened came from her testimony and Mr.”The Wagar case highlights a justice system struggling to move beyond myths and stereotypes around sexual assault and achieve fairness for complainants while also preserving the presumption of innocence.And Justice Le Grandeur addressed that struggle head-on.“The trial judge and consequently the court, and the administration of justice have been criticized by some segments of society, and many have asserted that the complainant has suffered an injustice by the manner in which the court process unfolded in the first trial in this case,” he wrote in his ruling on Tuesday.

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