Novak djokovic dating jelena pennsylvania dating

Although no evidence of the romance ever circulated.

But Djokovic says in both cases that he was just friends with these beatiful women, leading one to believe his true love is indeed Jelena.

Her beau wasn't so much of a tennis addict that he failed to notice his attractive fellow student.

However, from the age of six, he'd been working towards becoming a champion and had spent four years in Germany, between 12 and 16 with that goal in mind.

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Nowadays, Ristic is a customary part of the Djokovic entourage box.It wasn't easy: she was taking an assortment of odd jobs to finance her studies, while her boyfriend climbed the ATP rankings, without the wherewithal to jump on a plane each weekend.Of that time, she says: "We devised these plans how to meet, how to make our relationship work. "He always backed me up, just like I support him now on his tournaments".Born in Serbia in 1987, Novak Djokovic began playing tennis at age 4, and was sent to train in Germany at age 13.After a steady ascent to the top levels of the sport, he won the Australian Open in 2008 and led the Serbian national team to its first Davis Cup win in 2010.

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