Now playing iphone app not updating

Recently, Apple added two playlists in the For You section for Apple Music subscribers: My New Music Mix and My Favorites Mix.Each one is updated on a weekly basis, with new and old music alike.Music is clearly very close to Apple's heart, and every device Apple makes is great for playing audio.The i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch all have dedicated Music apps, online audio features and pretty decent speakers…Instead, you will find your music collection in the Library tab, which consists of content stored on your device and in your Apple Music account (if you're a subscriber).You can quickly jump between categories and sections of your library by tapping on the large text buttons at the top of the screen, or scroll down to view music recently added to your account.

It was difficult to navigate, confusing and it lacked key features (Shuffle All, anyone? Apple has improved the app here and there throughout the year, but with i OS 10, the Music app has been completely redone.

See also: 10 amazing tips and tricks for using i Tunes on the Mac | How to authorise your computer in i Tunes | Tidy up i Tunes by removing duplicate songs | How to sync i Phone to i Tunes without erasing the content | How to move your i Tunes library to a new computer or external hard drive Before we start using the Music app, we need some music to play on it. There are now four main ways to get music on the i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch: Buy music from the i Tunes Store. Choose Music in the sidebar and select the Sync Music option. This is a service offered by Apple for a fee (currently £21.99 per year).

You can choose to sync your entire music library or individual tracks, albums, artists or playlists. With i Tunes Match all of your music on all of your Macs is matched against the tracks in the i Tunes Store (or uploaded to i Cloud).

I have tried everything posted in apple support and on google. I don't believe this would be acceptable if Steve Jobs was still around. Does not alter the fact that i Tunes has become a thing of such ridiculous complexity that every time I use it something has changed - the screen, the settings, the track I was playing - infuriating. Annoying that it was that hard to find, but happy to be able to repeat songs now! I have an i Phone 6s and could not find the repeat button.

I upgraded to the latest Operating system and repeat has disappeared.

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