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We asked Thrillist-verified Cool Teens™ from around the country to tell us what it's like to chase love these days."Let your Beyblade rip directly in front of them to show them you have power." -- "The best possible way of breaking up with someone is meeting them in person and telling it to them straight.And while Lind told Radar he took his daughter home before Kari arrived, Piaslee's mother Taylor Halbur still isn't happy about Lind constantly bringing their child around new and different female friends."It's just heartbreaking that Paislee has been introduced to so many different girls," the source said. Paislee knows who her mother is, but when she gets older, she is going to hear about all this stuff.

The Internet Predators openly tell their age and their intentions and your kids openly talk to them about their own sexual desires. In the past, the thought was that the Internet predators were duping teenagers into thinking they were talking to a kid their own age."She's got a kid and supposedly it wasn't her weekend with her kid, so that's why she went to see Adam," the source explained.But on the other hand, Lind did spend the weekend with his youngest daughter Paislee.With the advent of Facebook and the other thousands of social networking and chat sites on the Internet, danger is only a click away.The Internet predators are out there and your kids are willingly chatting with them.

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