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He is also the former bassist and guitarist for the dub reggae band De Facto and the post-hardcore outfit At the Drive-In, respectively.

He has also embarked on a solo career, both in studio and in concert, frequently described as experimental, avant-garde and/or progressive.

She toured as a vocalist with the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group on their 2009 European tour and contributed vocals to many of his solo albums.

Her self titled sophomore album comes out next week (8/2) on Warner Music.

And for those of us who have been lucky to experience it, we know all about the jubilating sensation of finding someone, and the fear of ever losing that state of bliss.

Whether we like it or not, when we find a lover, their personality tends to influence our own.

And sometimes we'll even adopt certain aspects of their personality, and if they have a significant impact on us, those aspects will remain with us even if the relationship inevitably ends.

They play Webster Hall tonight (7/26) and tomorrow (7/27).

Ximena Sarinana is on both NYC shows and a few other dates. Ximena, who is dating Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, is a Mexican singer/songwriter and actress.

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