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I was determined, for something that I could not define and not even sure I wanted to be long term relationship.

I wanted a traditional love story where we meet on the street and our eyes catch each other ~ love at first sight. We live in a growing digital nomad culture where on the one hand, the paradox of having it be harder to connect with each other is met with the other hand of it being now easier to connect between time and space is met with both hands.

Overseas travel will expand your horizons, introduce new adventures and be a highlight of your life experience.

Travelling abroad requires a little more planning than domestic travel because you have to take various issues into consideration.

If that won't work out, consider meeting halfway.

If you're going out of your way to get there, you're sending the message that you're doing a lot of the extending,” Greer said.

Hit up your local library, reputable internet sites and travel veterans for information about where you’re heading.

Our members are often fulfilled with family, work, and finances, but are looking for something more in their lives: partners, friends, companionship.

Everybody needs company, no matter what their age is.

No other community does more for the safety of its members than Stitch.

Whether it’s your first time abroad or you’re a travel veteran it’s important to plan and prepare for a safe, successful overseas trip.

Whether you are going to visit someone or having your partner visit you, make sure you know all the rules and legal requirements of your destination country before the trip is planned.

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