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I have published actively in ACM CHI and other venues since 2001. T., Cheshire, C., Shaw Taylor, L., and Mendelsohn, G. In Proceedings of the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI).

This page provides a list of my publications with full versions of papers linked when available.

Our client base is extensive, extending beyond Cheshire, right across the North West region and the rest of the UK.

We meet every client who joins us face to face so that we can get to know you and the sort of person that you hope to meet.

And, they lived happily after meeting for several times.

So, whether you are divorced, separates, widowed and single, you can rely on us that help you find the woman or man to love in Cheshire.

Home to the largest collection of sharks in the UK and a slightly daunting 70 meter walkway tunnel where you can watch them all above you.

Chester is a city steeped in English charm and history.

From the red brick Roman era walls that ring the Tudor and Victorian Buildings to River Dee – formally an important economical transport link for the city – there’s a great amount to do and see here.

It’s been operating since the 16th century and often has festivals in the summer months – the perfect excuse to dress up fancy and people watch together.

If you’re after somewhere for posh drinks après-race then you could certainly do worse than the Boat House on the edge of the River.

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