Only child dating

I hope you find them of assistance in your own joys and struggles.Please feel free to comment and I will endeavour to always reply.The notion that now worries them is how, without siblings “only will result in lonely,” and so loneliness and lack of friends will likely be their daughter or son’s lot in life.As I set forth in my 2008 book, “The Future of Your Only Child,” I disagree.Or, like an increasing number of Australians, you might be the parent of an only child.

I don't ever remember there being a thread on this, but let's discuss it.

TIME ALONE Sometimes, perhaps out of misplaced guilt that their only child has no sibling company, or out of fear she or he might feel neglected, parents act like they are obligated to entertain her so she is not left to occupy herself at home.

In fact, letting their only child have some alone time to create her own companionship turns out to be one gift of being an only child who usually develops a constructive solitary side.

In what follows I am talking about tendencies not certainties since there is enormous variation among only children as well as among the families in which they are placed.

With this in mind, consider these three factors one at a time.

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