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There are also a variety of packages available for both days.Yet another group for original characters to find their forever homes!In the real world that would take a lot of diligence, luck, and willingness… Cartridge Lit invites visitors to share video-game inspired poetry and prose, and a number of people have taken them up on that invitation, bringing their credentials with them.

Standard tickets for the Saturday London Stadium show are still on sale from Planet Rock Tickets now.

OTA, CYOP, YCH, gacha, auctions, eggs, breedables, lineart, bases, P2U, F2U, we cover it all! Here you can submit any art you want Literature, photography, adopts, you name it, you can submit it!

Here we wish to have a nice community so keep it friendly Rules - All Mature art MUST be put in the Mature folder- Try and be as friendly as possible, we're a nice group!

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