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- PLTW Engineering opportunities grades K-12 - Championship Extra Curriculars - Over Million in Scholarships Awarded Yearly Boyle County School District was featured on Cn2 Pure Politics for being the only County District in Kentucky that has been named a District of Distinction. Cn2 Pure Politics Video Part 1 Cn2 Pure Politics Video Part 2 To read the article on Pure Politics click here (FRANKFORT, Ky.) – Nine outstanding teachers from across the state – three elementary, three middle and three high school teachers – were named semifinalists for the 2018 Kentucky Teacher of the Year Award, the Kentucky Department of Education and Valvoline .

Ryan New, Boyle County High School Social Studies teacher was named as one of the three semifinalists for the high school category.

as we can see, I’m running version 1.0.1427.0040, and the latest available is 1.0.1442.000 released on 4/25/2011 (at the time of writing).

The download page for the newest version is located here:

The fiercely competitive software giant is positioning its wares for cloud computing with software and services.

The company's two cash cows - operating systems and the Office productivity suite - are performing well.

Donald Trump’s inaugural team announced the president-elect’s big lineup for stars for his pre-inauguration concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Jan. While Obama’s concert included the likes of Beyoncé, U2, Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen — “Trump’s Make America Great Again!

Welcome Celebration” will be marked by lower-wattage stars.

“I have a transgender sister, and so a lot of hate goes towards us.” Radio City Rockettes Hours after Madison Square Garden, the Radio City Rockette’s parent company, announced the legendary dance troupe would perform at the inauguration, a dancer took to social media to protest the decision, saying she was being forced to perform.

The plan to sing at the inauguration caused a rift between the 360-member chorus.

A female singer from the famed choir quickly resigned to avoid performing, saying she “could never look myself in the mirror again with self-respect.” Lee Greenwood As The Wrap first reported, country star Lee Greenwood, best known for his patriotic hit “God Bless the U. A.,” was in talks with the inaugural team from the very beginning.

Microsoft's Azure Data Lake is now generally available, but what does it do, and how does it work?

Here's a tour around the service's tooling and capabilities, to help you understand it and get productive with it, quickly. Microsoft is among the most prolific developers of apps for the Android platform.

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