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The sells this series as a drama examining the “ties that bind despised communities with only themselves to rely on”, which might also have been a line that its producers used when pitching their idea to the BBC.Mc Kay, though, has done his research and resists such easy romanticism.Piers Morgan loves to instigate drama on Twitter, and he's feeling extra spicy this week firing off on critics of his op-ed on Emma Watson. On a roll from his anti-feminist witch hunt, Morgan continued to troll Twitter with unfunny patriarchal jokes — one of which caught the attention of Is it wrong to thoroughly enjoy such a one-sided battle? Related: Chrissy Teigen Has Been Trolling Trump For SIX YEARS! Rowling specifically is calling out Piers for his bad takes on — and support of — Donald Trump, and you've got to see it all to believe it!On Valentine's Day, the show last night — and the tweets today are FIRE. Related: Rowling Just Crushed Your Donald Trump's plan to drain the White House swamp and replace it with toxic sludge is underway!It's about removing limits and expectations that we place on an individual simply because of their gender.

Not least among these was the use of information gained via phone hacking for stories on actor Nigel Havers and his then wife, who was battling cancer., Havers “accepted undisclosed damages from Mirror Group Newspapers after its journalists intercepted his voicemails for stories about his grief as he nursed his dying wife …Watch the clip (below) and decide for yourself if Morgan was justified in his disdain: Piers Morgan is officially done with Kim Kardashian West and her whole damn fam.The TV personality made that fact abundantly clear when he released a lengthy op-ed piece about Keeks' recent appearance on star stopped by the hit daytime program in order to open up about her life months after being robbed at gun point in Paris.Even its more noble protagonists have motivations that are open to doubt.Matthews disappeared for 24 days, during which time the police search for her became the largest for a missing person since the “Yorkshire Ripper” investigation. Her mother and Meehan’s uncle, Michael Donovan, had drugged and hidden her.

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