Pisces dating gemini

Adventure, change, being able to go when she wants to go, independence, these are traits she holds on to and not give up all too easily for anyone.

For the Gemini woman relationship is another adventure of her life with no emotional dramas and restrictions.

The typical Pisces man is often pulled in two different directions and as such he lacks fortitude at times.

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Gemini will find Pisces as an equal adventurer in the bedroom, and just as happy to experiment role play and try risque encounters.While at the same time he loves to give freedom to his lady without a single trace of jealousy.A Pisces woman represents the division of the spiritual and human qualities.Gemini and Pisces are positive in pairing as both of them are flexible and intelligent people who are capable of meeting each other’s needs as long as love and tolerance are in place. When he is given his freedom, he is always a faithful lover and a loyal husband.But Gemini has a certain measure of inconsistency and changeability while Pisces relies on intuition, preferring to keep love on an emotional level. But when his freedom is oppressed, he feels restless, and begins to slip.

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