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Now that the history is out of the way, lets explore some team-sanctioned instances of cheerleaders fraternizing with players.The Cowboys players and DCC often team up to visit Dallas area hospitals to cheer up children and senior citizens who can’t spend the holidays at home with their families.In the past, the league has argued that the 26 teams with cheerleaders employ the women.

“It was difficult to spend a lot of time together because of his popularity,” in August 2011 and wed in June 2012.Zack Craig, an Oklahoma State senior safety, is a very lucky young man.Jordan Daigle, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, was watching the Oklahoma State – Oklahoma on November 24th last year when she saw Craig go to midfield for the coin toss. Her friend went online, looked up Craig on Twitter and made her follow him.Training camp is another venue where the players and cheerleaders collaborate to sign autographs for fans, mainly military personnel at Point Mugu Naval Base near their Oxnard, CA camp location.The Cheerleading Competition will be held on this weekend.

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