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Though he would not comment on the size of the ministry’s endowment or anything else related to ongoing litigation, Crystal Cathedral’s new President & CEO John Charles said, “Once all the creditors get paid, we hope to emerge from bankruptcy as a stronger church.” Charles did not indicate when he expected the church to emerge from bankruptcy.Carl Grumer, the Schuller family’s lawyer, did not respond to requests for comment.However, where California’s laws or procedures differ greatly from those of the majority of other states, we have made an effort to make our out-of-state readers aware of this.Handling the estate starts with a few practical tasks: Determine Who Is the Executor or Trustee Consult with an attorney if it is unclear who has been appointed by the will or trust.

“My sense is that courts, and even more-so attorneys general, are reluctant to allow cy pres relief for financial hardship,” said Patrick Sternal, a partner at the Northridge, Calif., law firm Renquist & Associates. In the case of a nonprofit filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy — which results in the liquidation of assets — or when it seeks voluntary dissolution, the organization’s endowment has to go somewhere since it won’t go to creditors.Arrange for Temporary Care of Minor Children and Other Dependents Your first task is to set up temporary care for any minor children and other dependents of the person who died. Obtain Certified Copies of the Death Certificate You will need death certificates for a variety of purposes, so it’s a good idea to have plenty of copies.You might need to look into day care, hospice, or pet care services for temporary assistance until a longer-term solution can be found. Read our section about the Death Certificate in Immediate Help for more information.We offer both Docu Sign and fillable Adobe PDF forms.Docu Sign is the fastest and most secure way to transact your form.

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