Poll biggest dating turn off characteristic

” The answer is usually a variation of “this is what the media tells me” or “this is what I see all around me every day.” The problem with this is that, frankly, the plural of “anecdote” isn’t “data”.

People are prone to blind spots when it comes to a deeply held beliefs, an intellectual fallacy known as “confirmation bias”; that is, we’re only seeing the things that back up what we already believe and dismissing (or simply not seeing) everything else.

The rest of it tends to be a mishmash of theories on what women want (or want, rather than what they say they do..) that explains why someone who isn’t them is getting all the sexing.

It isn't just the snorer's spouse who is getting hurt.

Around the world, the spouses of snorers have resorted to separate bedrooms, divorce, and even murder.

Sleep deprivation has serious physical and mental repercussions.

An instant later, defensive tackle Todd Campbell hit Kennedy from the inside, downing him at the one. WIAC Defensive Player of the Year Brandon Tamsett, who lined up over the opposite guard, made a phenomenal play, showing incredible lateral quickness and getting into the gap and stonewalling Kennedy for no gain.

On third down, Kennedy again made the attempt to score. From there Wittenberg settled for a field goal and a 3-0 lead. After yielding a 74 yard drive resulting in a field goal on Wittenberg’s opening drive, the Hawks allowed only 73 total yards and no points in the remaining five Tigers first half possessions.

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