Prevent adobe cs3 from updating

Using Adobe CS3 Clean-up doesn’t mean that it deletes all of your personal folders and preferences but it is recommended that you create a backup of all your important data such as plugins, brushes, actions and fonts.The end purpose of the utility is not to eliminate all traces of Adobe application use, but to ensure that the new upgrades install without any problems or setbacks.Munki will skip any unattended_installs or unattended_uninstalls if: Additionally, using similar logic as above, Managed Software will display an alert asking the user to quit any blocking apps that are running if the user chooses to update without logging out.The blocking_applications list may be added to the pkginfo for any package, and takes this form: This sample blocking_applications list would be suitable for use with the Adobe Flash Player installation package.If you need to customize this behavior, simply create an actual blocking_applications array listing the actual applications you want to block an install.While Adobe produces some exceptionally great software products, Adobe Updater is one of the most intrusive annoying piece of software which comes bundled with all Adobe products like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Creative Suite applications, Adobe Updater launches silently in the background starting the downloads without asking for user permission, adding an hardly noticeable icon in system tray as an notification for the update process running in the background, The resource hogging automatic updater can result in slower system performance and huge ISP bandwidth bills. Adobe CS3 Clean-up comes as a simple command-line tool which you need to run in administrator mode.

If this works for you, I would appreciate it if you would leave a brief comment on anything that was unclear.I was hoping it might help my group manage collaboration on In Design documents, but it is not appropriate for what we want (I want real concurrent versioning for Word or In Design, but I don’t think it’s possible).So anyway, I got stuck in this thing where I had some parts of CS3 removed, which was causing other parts to fail, but I could neither repair the installation nor remove the apps. What follows is what I did step-by-step to get unstuck. I created this blog after figuring this out because I wanted to put the information somewhere.I totally messed things up with a botched uninstall of Adobe CS3 [update: although, as you’ll see below, some people have used this on Adobe CS4 as well and I would bet this works for CS5 too].Basically, all I was trying to do was get rid of the absurd and unnecessary Version Cue Server, which absolutely should not be installed, and Version Cue, which should not be a default option.

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