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It also helps Microsoft by offloading some of their bandwidth and reaching more customers quickly.

The idea is a very good one, but there are two concerns: Microsoft is pretty forward with this information detailing it in their FAQ on the subject, which is also linked in Settings.

If their values are different, double-click on them and change their values to 1 5.

If you do not connect MSA in Windows 10, you'll not receive future Preview builds of Windows 10.

Read more: So chances are you have not connected your registered Microsoft Account in Windows 10 yet, that's why you are not receiving Windows 10 build 10240. Open Settings app from Start Menu and click on Update and security icon. Once you open Windows Update section, click on Advanced options link.

It wasn't immediately obvious to me how to create a local login, so I wrote it up here to help you, Oh Internet Person.

When you get to settings, it doesn't matter if you click Use Express Settings or Customize. Setup will ask you to Sign into your Microsoft account. You can also click "Create a new account" at the bottom.

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