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This post explains how to perform that same workflow using Arc GIS 10.2 or 10.2.1.

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Questions should be directed towards either the Python or the Arc GIS Online User Forum.Causes of Buffer Overrun Malware can be the cause of Buffer Overrun, especially if the hackers have had their way with your computer’s files already.However, another cause may be a registry that has become corrupt due to being unorganized and cluttered. Socket Error 10061 is another type of Socket Error that is common with PC users who are trying to use their Microsoft based e-mail program.Symptoms of Buffer Overrun When a Buffer Overrun occurs, one of two things will happen. When there is a lack of maintenance it is not unlikely that certain files will be broken and/or incomplete.It could be that your application will abort with a core dump, access violation, or segmentation fault error message. In the worst case scenario a hacker can exploit weak files and add their own malicious code which can be hard to catch, until you realize your online security has been compromised. This is something that only gets worse as time passes.

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