Propertygrid not updating who is jennifer gimenez dating

You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.We are using the Property Grid's Auto Generating Property Definition event and accessing the Auto Generating Property Definition Event Args object to set the Group Name and Editor Template of each of our properties.

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Run the example and Details View control will show first record, similar to the next image: Before using an example you need to set Data Key Names property of Details View control to the name of table primary key column.Details View control is often used in master/detail scenario with Grid View control. To work with records, first we need to connect Details View control with some data source. You can do that in design view, like on next image: Also, you can do this if you set Data Source ID property of Details View control to the name of your data source control. Sql Data Source control above uses a database with Products and Categories tables. NET 2.0 or later we can use specialized Details View and Form View controls. If you only need to show record in read-only mode, your data source control needs only Select command.If, after the reset, I do a property grid "Refresh", it has the reset colour.I'm assuming that the property grid doesn't know that the underlying object has been changed ?

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