Puff guo and aaron yan dating who is rafael nadal dating now

He can speak and understand Mandarin, English, Hokkien, limited Japanese, and Cantonese. The issue though is that his ideal actress Puff Kuo, who last year in their drama "Just You" won the hearts of many, may not be able to complete this drama with him.

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He then moved back to Taiwan for secondary education. His publicized temperature is that of cold Winter, at 41 degrees.

When the script was brought up and given to Aaron he nodded and agreed quickly as the character will be similar to Qi Yi in Just You but rather he will have a day life and a night life- both sides of his character are said to have a dramatic difference.

I personally don't believe this will be very hard for Aaron considering he is a hard working actor, also after watching "Death Girl" his performance as Shen Qi and Gao Chao the same drama allowed me to understand even more that he is doing his best to act out every character he meets.

In fact, I plan to hold the concert at Hong Kong Coliseum on my birthday but I am unsure of the schedule.

She is a Taiwanese actress, model and member of girl group Dream Girls under Dorian Enter Tainment.

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