Qt ui file not updating

In case you have questions you can't find answers for in this document, have a look on the Free CAD forum, where you can maybe find your question answered, or someone able to help you.This document is divided into several sections: introduction, usage, scripting and development, the last three address specifically the three broad categories of users of Free CAD: end-users, who simply want to use the program, power-users, who are interested by the scripting capabilities of Free CAD and would like to customize some of its aspects, and developers, who consider Free CAD as a base for developing their own applications.Known ‘features’ of the Qt host code (this has been written from scratch and these bugs not apply to the earlier Windows-only code)…o Under Windows, when switching back from bootloader to normal “application” SDR mode, the FCD seems to stay in bootloader mode.It's been a busy month so far, and I'm super excited to roll out these improvements!

Over the past 2 weeks, I've done quite a bit of work aggregating up exception data for openshot-qt and libopenshot, and analyzing some key data points.That functionality will be available in the documented API firmware that I’m working on as we speak.Tip: with the fully featured front end, pressing the “Defaults” button is almost always the right thing to do when you first plug in the FCD or launch the app.I've targeted the top 25 crashes and errors, and version 2.3.3 should resolve them all!Below is an example of the analysis, which graphs the frequency of unhandled Python exceptions (including line number).

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