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Peterson endured notable traumatic moments as a child: At age 7, he watched his older brother, Brian, get killed by a drunk driver; six years later, his dad was arrested for money laundering in connection with drug dealing.

As a result, Peterson experienced anger, but learned to channel it into sports.

Adrian Lewis Peterson was born on March 21, 1985, in Palestine, Texas.

The son of a former Idaho State University basketball player (his father, Nelson) and a Texas state high school track-and-field champion (his mother, Bonita Jackson), it seemed inevitable he was headed for a life of athletic success.

Inspired by the Chastain's story, Don Snellgrove, president of Sunrise Recording and Film Productions, took on the film, hoping to also relay elements of faith.

The movie synopsis highlights that Chastain will "through his faith and determination" find a way to fulfill his dream of joining his high school's football team."Putting his faith in God and finally learning to accept the help of his best friend ...

Alvaro Enrigue Michael Sanchez and I grew up in New Jersey, not far from here, playing soccer together.

Nonetheless, his father's medical condition helped bring restoration.

Lamar Hunt I was not able to be the front forward of a soccer team - that is a way to make people super happy every Sunday.

What I can do is tell stories and try to put my coin in that discussion.

He played basketball and ran track at Palestine High School, but clearly was at his best on the football field.

Peterson rushed for 2,960 yards and 32 touchdowns as a senior running back, winning National Player of the Year honors from numerous outlets, and committed to play at the University of Oklahoma.

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