Rachel truehart and michael stagliano still dating Sexchat on mobi

Superfan Donna was stoked that she won a date with Michael but unfortunately Stagliano ditched Donna pretty quick for Bachelor alumni Rachel Truehart.

Stagliano and Rachel seem to have the chemistry–as we saw tonight in their rather awkward but cute make-out session on the dance floor.

When asked to dish on the Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart situation he said Michael is not in love with Rachel….

Chris Harrison: You know, it’s probably half and half. First of all, facing Michael, it was very difficult for her.

And so there’s rules that we have to follow as far as the game goes. He tries to in the show, but it just doesn’t go over well.

And so the final four aren’t out there in the beginning. And you look at this beautiful girl, Rachel, and she looks phenomenal in this black dress when she comes out on the show and it’s easy to sympathize and empathize with her.

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In the beginning, I’m But we can’t really do that with the final four because there’ s also a quarter of a million dollars in play.

Rachel, who joins the show later, does not see it the same way.

Rachel says she really trusted Michael, and she feels betrayed too.

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