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News, education resources, job search, career networking, advice, and mentorship are just a few of those benefits. Visit to enjoy Nursing Link and join their community.

While traveling it is important to ensure that you have your phone with you.

So before you set your sights on taking home the doctor, here's why you should aim for the nurse instead.1. That means that nurses know what they want, how to get it — and how to keep it, which makes their long-term relationship appeal look pretty good, right? They're Both Physically And Emotionally Strong. Did you think that trying to carry your laptop and your gym bag to and from the office and managing a team of entry-level assistants without loosing your sh*t five days a week was tough?

Try changing bedpans, changing, clothing and bathing patients with unheard of needs and keeping it together when a person's prognosis doesn't look all that uplifting.

Here's why you should check-in with the nurse first. There'd be no one to check your stats, draw your blood and hold your hand when you're nervous as hell before undergoing gall bladder surgery.

Research performed by Thomas Bodenheimer found that people are turning to their nurses more and more frequently for answers to their most pressing patient care issues. Before stepping across the podium every nurse vows to "Do no harm." It's good life — and work — advice. In 2001, ANA/Nursing found that 51 percent of nurses admitted that they worked an average of 41-60 hours per week — which means they were probably up hours before you were and still making rounds while you were drifting off to sleep. To their credit, nurses are taking in tons and tons of important information every day, from medications and allergies to prognoses and care plans.

So it stands to reason that they would also make excellent partners in life. We enlisted some real nursing spouses to share a few of the other sweet, somewhat fluffy, but altogether valuable reasons everyone should marry a nurse.

Nurses who work three 12-hour shifts often only need to find care for their days on, cutting down on the ever-rising cost of childcare.

Ivy has experience with everything from smashed bones, to snake bites, to cancer and his wife has been at his side helping him all along. Francis Howland says his wife always reminds him to stay up to date on his check-ups, keeping his blood pressure in check and even finding melanoma that he had removed.

Patients tend to ramble and nurses become good at making them feel heard and picking out what’s important.

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