Rebound dating site

The law of averages suggest the majority of people available to meet through the internet will be genuine and upstanding men and women, on the flip side, be prepared to encounter snakes in the grass along the way whose purpose is to steal your heart, money and your dignity.

Humankind shifts from minute to minute with one destination in mind: the quest of happiness.

And that’s good news for you, because rebound relationships sometimes mean your .

The ease in which to date on the rebound became a whole lot easier when the Internet andonline dating sitesbecame commonplace.

Online personals, chat rooms and free dating sitesprovide us with an infinite pool of people wanting to probe into your life.

Usage The term is probably borrowed from sporting, where a rebound describes a failure to score a goal, and the ball becoming available for possession by either team.

In dating, "Julie is on the rebound," means Julie has recently broken up with her long-term partner, while "Mike is Julie's rebound" means that Mike dates Julie during her rebound period.tudies of the Rebound Effect A 2006 study from [

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