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On two of the Macs, as soon as I fired up the Citrix app, the Java vpn window would show 'error'. Then I remembered that I had done some Java development in the past and installed various jdks from Oracle so I ran: That was on the working Mac.

Then I remembered the difference between 'System' Java, Java plugins, and Java development kits.

Let’s get right to it and get those deleted apps back!

Here’s an example where restoring the Angry Birds app after it was deleted, note it’s the Star Wars version that was removed and thus you must find the exact name match from the search list – easy enough.

Step Teni Tunes will inform you once the installation is complete and your i Phone will reboot. Click OK to acknowledge the successful installation. Click the Get Started button to view the device in i Tunes.

Step Eleven You may be informed that there is a carrier update for your i Phone. Step Twelve You will then be welcomed to your new i Phone.

Thanks for your many years of attention and everything you've done to make the site such a valuable resource.

I sometimes find the Java setup on my various Apple devices to be a mystery.

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You can also use i Tunes to create a backup of settings and certain other information on your i Phone or i Pod touch to use in case you want to restore the software on your i Phone or i Pod touch or transfer this information to a different device.

Backup information includes information such as mail settings, text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings, certain network settings, and other preferences." To get more details on the procedure to follow to create a backup, restore from a backup and deleting a backup, follow this link. Top i Phone Hacks Categories: Hacksi Phone Applications Unlock i Phone Jail Break i Phonei Phone Tips & Tricksi Phone Gamesi Phone News What next?

Select the firmware ipsw file from your hard drive then click Open.*Please note that you may not be able to downgrade to lower firmware version if Apple has stopped signing that firmware. Step Six You may be shown the firmware's changelog. Step Seven Click Agree to agree to Apple's Software License Agreement.

Step Fivei Tunes will ask you if you want to restore the i Phone to its factory settings. Step Eight If needed, i Tunes will begin downloading the new firmware. Step Nine The firmware will then be extracted and installation will begin.

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