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Personally, I think if you can keep your sex life spicy after 23 years, do whatever the heck you need to do. None of this tells me that their marriage is weak or they are of weak character; On the contrary, if they're able to talk about these issues honestly and make videos and post couples profiles, more power to them! But with Ryan at the center of the New York media, I feel for him and his wife.

He covered the Super Bowl for ESPN on a trial basis, then parlayed that audition into a full-time gig.

Ryan reportedly was upset with the decision to bench Tyrod Taylor, who Rex promised the starting job as long as he was coach, and that situation led to the meeting which ultimately led to his dismissal.

While Whaley appears technically correct, the notion he played no role in Ryan's removal is ludicrous.

In 1997, Morah famously telephoned her husband's show and, under the name Norah, told half a million listeners intimate details concerning his personal household habits.

Gerry and Morah announced their separation in March 2008.

He was presented with a Jacob's Award for this show in 1990.

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GM Doug Whaley said he was "not privy to the conversation" which resulted in Rex's firing on Monday, and Vrentas' reporting confirms his comments.

"This is a personal matter and I'm not going to discuss it. If true, the Ryans will get embarrassed and hang their heads. Again, 23 years is a long time to be with one person.

This is a personal matter, I hope you can respect the fact I don't want to discuss it." Ryan and his wife, Michelle, were reportedly featured in multiple foot fetish videos, which appear on Deadspin. "We've been married for 23 years, and she's awesome." The two have been married for 23 years. But I have to wonder how it leaked to the public if Ryan wanted to keep it a "personal matter." Then there's the matter of the personals account on that Deadspin has unearthed for "ihaveprettyfeet." The profile features a couple, including the woman who claims the same birth date as Rex Ryan (to the specific day, month and year). They're obviously still in love and attracted to each other.

According to the Sports Business Journal, all four of ESPN, CBS, FOX, and NFL Network reached out to Ryan to gauge his interest in joining their teams.

Ryan definitely has a job in the media waiting for him should he not land a coaching gig.

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