Rio girls dating

Firstly there are the Favela women who make up around 75% of the population.

The Favela's are the slums of Rio and these women are poor by almost any standard.

Almost everyone has heard tales of the scantily clad beauties who frequent the beaches of Brazil's second largest city.

On Fridays there’s more of a street-party feel, while on Saturdays people usually head to the clubs.

These women are easy to seduce and would love the opportunity to date a western man.

Unfortunately, they are usually not the most attractive women in Rio.

Just before they are to leave for a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Karen says she is going on vacation by herself to "think about everything." Matthew and Victor decide to go to Rio with their daughters.

Jennifer and Nikki share a room, where she says to Nikki, "Your father is so sweet...

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