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He performed with a number of groups around this time, showing his talent for handling blues music.With drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham, Plant formed Band of Joy.

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“It must be strange for you to wonder what you’re going to say to a guy like me,” he says at one point.

" she says, pulling a goofy "appalled at the idea" face.

"I'm not a big party person and I wouldn't want them walking onstage with a cake..."My interviewee's distinct lack of diva syndrome reportedly impressed Robert Plant when the pair duetted on 2008's 2.5 million-selling album Raising Sand, but other factors – Krauss's impeccable bluegrass pedigree, her impish, apple-shaped cheeks – were doubtless a draw, too.

Robert Plant became interested in singing at a young age and found inspiration in the likes of Elvis Presley.

In 1966, Plant left school to began his musical career.

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