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The function can be used to override the default action and select a viewer by hand.

For example, this function can be used to view a text file even if the file has a non-standard extension (i.e., the file has an extension of something other than Shows properties such as size and the time and date of the last modification for the selected file.

Rockbox can also retrofit video playback functions on players first released in mid-2000.

Rockbox includes a voice-driven user-interface suitable for operation by visually impaired users.

These devices have relatively weak main central processing units (CPU), and instead offload music playback to dedicated hardware MP3 decoding chips (MAS).

Rockbox was unable to significantly alter playback abilities.

Also you can switch to Morse code input mode by changing the This chapter describes the Rockbox music database system.

Using the information contained in the tags (ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis Comments, Apev2, etc.) in your audio files, Rockbox builds and maintains a database of the music files on your player and allows you to browse them by Artist, Album, Genre, Song Name, etc.

It didn't seem to matter how many tracks I have, it always froze. Could it be something else that has been corrupted?

Player: Sansa Fuze v2 Observed in r29305, the problem persists in r29387.

After I installed these builds the database wouldn't update past a certain point.

Instead, it offered a greatly improved user interface and added plug-in functions absent in the factory firmware.

Rockbox can be permanently flashed into flash memory on the Archos devices, making it a firmware replacement.

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