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You use a significant amount of objects in your work, talk us through this process?

I find using objects in my work is an effective way to communicate a common theme or thread.

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, Barry Manilow, Ellie Goulding, Drake, The Weeknd, Alabama Shakes, Fetty Wap, Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Florence and the Machine…

Adele returned in 2015 to huge success so of course she’ll be performing at one of the biggest music events of the year.

Thymocytes are hematopoietic progenitor cells present in the thymus.The Grammys’ official website will be streaming the ceremony from 8.30pm EST (1.30am GMT) and the American channel CBS will also stream it on their website.If you don’t want to stay up all night for what will inevitably be a very long ceremony (there are 83 awards to hand out!Thymopoiesis is the process in the thymus by which thymocytes differentiate into mature T lymphocytes.The primary function of thymocytes is the generation of T lymphocytes.

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