Ron ng and kate tsui dating

TVB actors' turnover rate has reached an all-time high in recent years. People may have the misconception that she's no longer with TVB because we haven't seen her in any TVB drama series in a long time.

After Myolie Wu(胡杏兒), Ron Ng(吳卓羲), Kate Tsui(徐子珊), Océane Zhu(朱璇), Charmaine Sheh(佘詩曼), Christine Kuo(苟芸慧), and many others claiming they won't be renewing their contracts with TVB, even Miss Hong Kong 1999 winner Sonija Kwok(郭羨妮) is revealed she won't be renewing her contract as well. In fact, Sonija's contract with TVB actually won't be over until the end of this month.

( It is reported that TVB tried to retain Sonija but she still opted to leave.

Ever since Sonija married her Mainland Chinese director husband Zhu Shao jie(朱少杰) back in 2001, the two have been living apart due to work.

Aligning its premiere with Valentine's Day, the 2013 TVB drama Season of Love uses the four seasons as inspiration for four different love stories encompassing different views towards love and romance.

In Spring, a time for new beginnings, hardworking young woman Lam Chun Fun (Toby Leung) stumbles into first love when she becomes the personal driver for a top star (Him Law), who turns out to be different than what she expected.

With TVB trying to promote new actors to the lead roles in recent years, established actors have been used as stepping stones for the new comers.

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40th TVB Anniversary Extravaganza - 37 PTS (Peaking At 38 PTS)2.

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