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We don’t think about it and we don’t talk about it, because it happens to everyone.” I have a really good friend who is in her 60s and we talk very openly about gender and issues pertaining to sex. Her idea of talking about it is in line with what you’re saying where it’s just normal, it’s like breathing, why would you talk about it…There are still parts that will catch in her throat when we do talk about it. I think when you come up in such a way that you’ve lived through second-wave feminism, you’ve lived through everything that you’ve lived through , it might not seem as safe to talk about it.If that is how people reacted even just a little bit, that feels good.When I talk to older women about sexual harassment, the overwhelming majority say something to the effect of “For my generation, it’s normal.If you come across any questionable links please let us know the url, so it can be removed a.s.a.p. Looking for some wild housewife phone sex with the busty blonde amateur MILF next door? I have a voracious sexual appetite, I love being a mommy, auntie, or just YOUR slut.

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