Rudall carte flute dating

It had a big dent in the headjoint and the body was bent probably from having been sat upon at some point?But Sally soon had it looking as good as new again.You can see much more information on this flute by clicking on the image above.For our purposes though, we can summarise the main stylistic and functional differences between this flute and later Rudall flutes as: We're also pretty lucky here.After all the repairs it was just as challenging to get the it to play again as the mechanism was very complicated and needed to be exactly right.When it was finally finished it was taken back to Howarths of London for an exhibition.

Initially happy with being able to turn out instruments that were at least in the same ballpark as the old flutes, I gradually became dissatisfied with various aspects of them. In playing with the tight embouchure required to produce the type of tone that Irish players preferred, I had noticed that over the years, as my embouchure developed, I was having to extend the tuning slide more and more to stay at modern pitch.Rudall & Rose were one of the most impressive flute making companies of the 19th century, and one of the few to start near the start and see it through to the next.They thus provide us with a sort of skeleton upon which we can see how flute-making developed through the flute's most glorious period.We're fortunate in being able to see fairly clearly how things were, back in 1820, before the start of the company.George Rudall had returned from the Napoleonic wars and set himself up as a flute teacher in London.

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