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‘I’ve grown up with the Potter films and have massive respect for him as an actor.Bonnie Wright, who starred alongside Grint as his on-screen sister Ginny, posted a photo of them together on Instagram, while Matthew Lewis [Neville Longbottom], Evanna Lynch [Luna Lovegood] and Katie Leung [Cho Chang] joined a panel to reminisce on their Hogwarts days.), the ambiguously alcoholic refreshment from Harry Potter is now the newest frozen dessert!Related: Ben & Jerry's Launches Cereal-Inspired Flavors Per the ice cream maker's press release: "Once described by J. Rowling "a little bit like less sickly butterscotch," the Yuengling's Ice Cream take on the flavor will be made from half buttercream ice cream, half butterscotch ice cream, and twisted with a butterscotch swirl.He is one of the stars of Snatch - the TV adaption of Guy Ritchie's original movie of the same name, released originally in 2000.And although Harry Potter certainly turned darker as the franchise went on, this is a different kettle of fish. Bill and Charlie have already left — Bill was Head Boy and Charlie was captain of Quidditch. Fred and George mess around a lot, but they still get really good marks and everyone thinks they're really funny.

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But Rupert Grint - who played Ronald Weasley in J K Rowling's wizarding novels-turned-movies - has proven that he's all grown up now.

" No, you aren't looking into the mirror of Erised; there really is butterbeer flavored ice cream now!

Thanks to beer company Yuengling's (yep, they make ice cream now, too!

The tongue-in-cheek video ends with the actor lounging contentedly on the sofa with one of his Ed dolls.

Sheeran previously told The Sun: ‘When I was coming up with ideas for the Lego House video, I knew that I wanted Rupert to be in it.

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