Russell crowe and meg ryan dating

She briefly dated Russell Crowe in 2001 after she co-starred with him in the thriller Proof Of Life.In addition to directing Ithaca, Meg has been appearing on Web Therapy.According to American tabloid THE GLOBE, the WHEN HARRY MET SALLY beauty trapped the hunky GLADIATOR star into falling in love with her by staging emotional scenes over her crumbling marriage to Quaid for his benefit.According to set sources, Crowe was having an affair with a young girl who was working on set as an extra, but Ryan quickly got her out of the picture, banning her from the set without his knowledge and leaving the field open.Ever since she hit the silver screen, 49-year old Meg Ryan has stood in Hollywood’s spotlight as one of America’s sweethearts.Her fairy-tale romantic comedies gave everyone hope at finding true love and living happily ever after.

The 59-year-old rocker recently announced the end of his marriage to his model wife, and though reasons for their split haven’t been publicized, many are speculating a blossoming romance between Meg and John is to blame.

Crowe reportedly helped Steve Irwin’s widow, Terri Irwin, and the couple’s two children, Bindi Sue Irwin and Robert Clarence Irwin, deal with their grief following Steve’s untimely and shocking death nearly 10 years ago.

Crowe even introduced a public memorial service for Steve Irwin that was broadcast worldwide from the Australia Zoo’s Crocoseum on September 20, 2006, only 16 days after the beloved “Crocodile Hunter” died.

Russell Crowe is reportedly dating Steve Irwin’s widow, Terri Irwin, even though he’s still married.

Terri Irwin, 51, and Russell Crowe, 52, have been trying to keep their relationship a secret for months.

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