Senior dating reality show

Breeze runs through her lush hair as she describes her fashion style in three simple words: "Timeless, classic and elegant."She has a camera crew following her every move.

Fans will get a closer look at the elusive superstar when her new reality show Being Bonang debuts in July on Vuzu AMP.

We enjoy the delightful Johannesburg sunset at the five-star Four Seasons Hotel with sweeping views of the man-made forest of the city's northern suburbs.

She is a vision in a gothic glamour look consisting of a black floral appliqué sheer cocktail dress.

The role of the judge was often taken by a retired real-life judge, a law school professor or an actor.

Arbitration-based reality shows, on the other hand, have typically involved litigants who have agreed to have their disputes aired on national television so as to be adjudicated by a television show "judge." Due to the forum merely being a simulated courtroom constructed within a television studio as opposed to a legitimate court of law, the shows' "judges" are actually arbitrators and what is depicted is a form of binding arbitration.

She teases that she will also detail juicy titbits about her life that have never been heard of."The book is about the journey of Bonang, how I got to where I am and how I built this massive brand."There are some intimate moments of my life in there too - how I grew up, things that have shaped the woman that I am, whether publicly or privately," Matheba points out."I am a private person, so I struggled with sharing and going public with my deep private things.

For the first time we will get to see Bonang the daughter, the entrepreneur, the lover, and the confidant.” Sowetan LIVE - Bonang Matheba has changed her mind about...

When it comes to the subject of love we always hope that there are no real significant barriers to its success.

The show promises to give fans a glimpse of her day to day business interactions alongside manager Jay Badza.

In addition, the show will give a peek of her romance with AKA, her very close bond with her mom, the interwoven and often exhilarating relationship with her cousin Tebogo “Pinky Girl” Mekgwe, and good times with her friend Lorna Maseko.

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