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When this is combined with a program encouraging mothers living with HIV to feed their babies formula rather than breast milk, maybe a generation of Mozambicans can be spared from childhood infection.

The clinic provides two services: voluntary testing and counseling aimed primarily at the mothers who come through the hospital, and the PMTCT program for those who test positive, which includes further counseling, the administration of nevirapine to mother and child, and the free provision of formula milk.

If you can express yourself in the right way for your audience, you can open doors and gain access to opportunities that would otherwise be closed to you.

And that’s in your own language – imagine trying in someone else’s.

HIV infection among mothers is chillingly high here: 17% according to some prevalence studies, roughly similar to the rate in the overall population, and double what it was only six years ago.

What's worse, HIV infection can easily be passed from mother to child: transmission will occur during pregnancy, delivery or breast-feeding in 25-40% of cases. If the mother is administered a single dose of the drug nevirapine at least four hours before delivery, and if the baby is given a small dose within 72 hours of being born, the chances of transmission can be reduced by as much as 50%.

They need to be able to call on trained translators and interpreters working with those languages – languages where often the pool of trained linguists is small at best.

They need information on literacy, existing information channels and access to mobile phones and the internet in order to determine the options open to them for relaying information and receiving feedback from communities.

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