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Since March 22, service members in Marine units worldwide have signed counseling statements — called “Page 11s” — that are then added to their permanent records indicating that they understand and will follow the Corps’ revamped guidelines on cyberbullying.

But twice each year, in the spring and the fall, this barren slag heap gives rise to a thriving ripstop metropolis, home to several hundred Sherpas, the native people of the Khumbu region, as well as an elite mountaineering citizenry who can afford the permits and equipment necessary to scale the monolith.

No other details about the case, such as the Marines’ names and what they wrote in the online forum, were disclosed.

In a statement released by the Camp Pendleton-based 1st Marine Division to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Cook said the case proved that his unit refuses “to tolerate personal attacks on their Marines, online or elsewhere.”“This kind of behavior flies in the face of our service's core values and this organization refuses to condone it.

Like any city, Everest Base Camp has its own social structure, an astonishing collection of amenities, and just as many problems.

It even has an official waste-removal staff that empties dozens of latrines on a regular basis.

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