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Bill Mc Kibben has written an interesting article in The Atlantic on how internet radio trumps satellite radio because internet radio makes local radio global.His point being that community is what people crave, and local community allows people to connect in a way that a disjointed, chaotic or simply programmed (24 hours of music but no talk.) does not.

I downloaded the Kik app and created a profile because I wanted to communicate with Odin’s Thirst Trap — and, as it turned out, every Swedish guy I met through Ok Tinder. No, I’d written back to Odin’s Thirst Trap, I’ll get it.

The web will be the venue of the next media movement, but first it needs to iron out the kinks.

It will be community based and the closer it can get to real time, the better.

” read the Ok Cupid message from Odin’s Thirst Trap, a 20-year-old blond living in Stockholm.

“It’s what all the kids here use.” I was traveling to Sweden to write and to get laid, not necessarily in that order.

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