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The shocking week of twist filled episodes will see the two long running storylines explode – and life on Coronation Street will never be the same again…

In a fictional outcome for the Canadian federal election, 2015, a political party comes to power and establishes a law called S-14, allowing parents of troubled children and limited finances to place their children in hospitals, without regard for fundamental justice.

So, put on your best Manolo Blahniks and break out the cosmos — it's time to dish on all the best secrets. That is, if you can find it on the web, not that we'd encourage you to do that sort of thing...) -: We're back home, with establishing shots of New York.

) And, like Carrie, we've been glued to our laptops ever since. Typical Carrie: less concerned with having matching dresses, and more concerned with making sure each of her best friends looks her best. -: Flanked by her friends, Carrie leaves her wedding in a huff.

And the clips in the trailer above show Tracy Barlow setting out to ruin Carla’s happiness and the Platts facing the police as Callum is unearthed.

The episodes will air from Sunday 22nd May in 9pm slots and Johnny will attempt to stop Tracy in her tracks by locking her in a store cupboard.

This will undoubtedly be Miranda's big struggle throughout the film: whether or not to forgive her husband for his one-time indiscretion. In the absence of Jay Jay, more than likely they're all together on Carrie's honeymoon. -: Carrie reads "Cinderella" to Charlotte's daughter, before interrupting the story to inform her that fairy tales don't always come true, and princesses aren't always rescued. Some quotes include: "You look like Freddy Krueger face f***ed a topographical map of Utah," said by Weasel to an unmasked Wade Wilson, and, "You look like an avocado f***ed an older avocado." Colossus, who appears in the trailer, is at one point referred to as a "big chrome c***-gobbler." The video shown was plenty violent, too: in one scene, Deadpool leaps over a crashed car and shoots three henchmen through the skull with a single bullet. Ryan Reynolds said it's a "miracle" that Deadpool is rated R. And graphic, expertly lit French Unicorn sex." Deadpool is directed by Tim Miller and stars Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein and Gina Carano. We'll let you know once there's an official way to watch the new Deadpool trailer.The Deadpool actor confirmed the rating back in April, tweeting, "There will be blood. For now, stay tuned for the rest of our 20th Century Fox panel coverage – the moderator has promised a "big surprise" for the very end.But with Carla set to depart the Street, a wedding showdown seems inevitable.Meanwhile, a dramatic turn of events sees David, Kylie and Sarah’s killer secret discovered and, as the police arrive, who will end up taking the blame?

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