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We understand specialist facilities have been made available elsewhere in France to ensure this happens.” At the start of the week Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais, warned that the demolition of the camp was unlikely to mark the end of the issue for the town, which remains on the map as a perceived gateway to Britain for migrants and refugees.

The camp itself, now largely burnt down, was said to be almost completely deserted last night, with just a handful of refugees remaining in there.

The old double standard is still alive and well: a man with more sexual partners than his buddies may be teasingly called a “man whore,” but the epithet is a compliment, not an insult.

Ask a woman who has dared reveal her number to someone who considers it too high, and she’ll surely tell you a story of being “slut-shamed.”It’s quite common for a guy to worry about a girlfriend’s sexual past.

After treatment for nasal or sinus cancer it might take some time for scars to heal if you had surgery.You might also worry about how you think others see you.This can make you nervous of intimacy or you might feel less confident about sex.And then I became more concerned with actually who did the treatment, because if I watched some people do it and I became concerned with exactly how they did it. And I became paranoid myself, you know, like about blood transfusions, about cleanliness and about - not that I had any need to. It was just my fear then that the blood that was meant to be making him better was actually giving him an infection and just reacted to everything as it happened.Sadly, not every patient survives critical illness.

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