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However, he said that that was “neither here nor there” as he went by the ruling of the Archbishop, whom he said had given a “wise” decision not to debate the motions, something which he said was “not in any way a political decision”.“I felt that we may not have anything to put to the synod and that worried me because when you don’t have anything to put to the synod, especially a synod that actually wants to discuss it – and the synod did want to discuss it – you create a vacuum.“And when you create a vacuum, if there are any disagreements the gulf can become wider.

So I was very exercised that the thing should be discussed at this year’s General Synod.”However, despite his unhappiness at the three motions not being debated on Thursday, Bishop Miller said he now believed that it was better to combine them in a single motion and remove the preamble which referred to the fallout from Dean Gordon’s civil partnership.“I think it was better and more than two-thirds of the synod voted for it but for those who didn’t, I have to recognise that some of them feel very strongly about it.

Friday 3 January 1997 There was a report in the Irish Times which indicated that the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) were considering ending their ceasefire officially if the Irish Republican Army (IRA) continued to carry out attacks.

[The Ulster Democratic Party (UDP) denied that there was any truth in the report.] Sunday 5 January 1997 A bomb, estimated at 250 lbs, was left near Cullyhanna, County Armagh. [It was believed to have been planted by the IRA.] 'Punishment' beatings were carried out on two men in north Belfast, and there were three 'punishment' shootings in Portadown.

I can’t quite get to the core of what the issue is for them.”Opponents of the motion argued that it could become a pretext for a “witch hunt” against gay clergy and possibly even lead to a retrospective attempt to bring Dean Gordon and Bishop Burrows before an ecclesiastical court over Dean Gordon’s civil partnership.

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Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill will still let jurors hear excerpts of the deposition Cosby gave before settling the case.[These conditions were rejected by SF.] Monday 6 January 1997 The Irish Republican Army (IRA) carried out a 'rocket' attack at the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast injuring a Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) officer in the leg.A man was shot in the leg in a 'punishment' attack in West Belfast.Veteran criminal lawyer William Brennan says the jury might simply be told the Cosby testimony came in a prior court matter. The 79-year-old Cosby is accused of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand in 2004. Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill also ruled Friday to exclude Constand's lawsuit from evidence at the June 5 trial.In the decade-old deposition, Cosby said he got seven prescriptions for quaaludes in the 1970s, intending to give to women he was pursuing for sex. Cosby wrote in his 1991 book "Childhood" that he and his friends needed the Spanish fly potion because girls were "never in the mood" for them.

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