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If you want a little more dance in your life, you can also major in Dance Performance and receive a dance K–12 teacher certificate that trains you to teach dance in Maryland public schools. Be sure to check out prerequisites for other classes before you register.Junior Dance major Sarah Degler said that teaching dance is one of her passions and Towson has been able to offer her “a variety of courses, job opportunities and even student teaching internships” to prepare her for the professional world.Wittrock’s celebrated feature film, , you were nominated by the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association for an award last year, and you’ve been featured on just about every gay entertainment site there is. And I think Ryan Murphy has a good following in that community, and lots of the things I’m doing have been riding on his coattails. They definitely seem to come to me and I wonder what that says about my personality!

Texas has nice beaches on the Gulf Coast, lots of historical cities like San Antonio, and a ton of great modern cities like Dallas and Austin that are filled with bars and nightlife.

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Her parents might have been karate-crazy, but that didn’t keep them from getting Lynn Collins an education in acting.

If you find yourself at any of these schools, there’s no need to retire those dancing shoes.

If the thought of becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and dancing in front of a large NFL audience excites you, then you will fit in well with the Towson dance team.

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