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Webb intended to spice up marriages and earn extra cash by selling erotic toys as one of Passion Parties Inc.'s 3,000 national consultants.

AISD officials said they alerted Alvarado Police Department on March 4 with information of an AES employee involved in a sexual relationship with a district student.

Among the company's top items are a jar of passion pudding in chocolate and strawberry flavors ("apply head to toe, wherever you want your lover to linger"), a jar of nipple cream in strawberry, raspberry and watermelon flavors, and battery-powered vibrators that sell for to 0.

The company also offers such lubricants as Slippery Stuff (), Lickety Lube () and Lucky Stiff (.50), and a battery-powered item for men known as Jelly Julie ("with soft jelly silicone lips"). "All we're trying to do is help people build loving relationships." Webb suspects she got in trouble because she ruffled feathers in town by daring to join the Chamber of Commerce with her sex toy business.

Having improper relationships with students, she said, is not moral or legal.

District officials said Mitchell had previously turned in her resignation effective at the end of the school year.

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