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Join now for a Live NUDE Video Chat in my private room!If you’re tired of the drama, stress and boredom that comes along with serious relationships, you’re in the right place.In the wake of the Supreme Court’s same-sex-marriage decision, last summer, these skirmishes may give the sense of moving the L. But the implications of the controversy go far beyond bathrooms. (WDRB) -- A city official is calling a private Louisville men's spa a "sex club."Metro Councilman David James believes he has proof the Vapor Spa in Smoketown is a modern-day bathhouse."I went there to see exactly what it was," said James, adding that complaints from some of his constituents led to a recent visit to the spa."When I went inside, there's a window there, you rent a room for , and you get a remote control and a key and a towel."That's all common for a spa, but James said there's more to the story."People in the hallways and in the rooms and in the open theater section having sex openly," James said, adding he saw it personally.When searching for a casual date online, be specific about what sort of relationship you are looking for and what really turns you on!This way, you’ll be sure to attract the right types of people, who can please you just the way you like, and vice versa! Obviously the main attraction when it comes to casual dating is the sex part, but let us not forget about the whole dating thing!

There is now, however, an active debate around what bathrooms we should be able to use.

Javits Convention Center, in New York City, along with thousands of aspiring lawyers, I had to go to the bathroom.

The enormous line for the women’s restroom looked like it would take at least a half hour. I walked in, passed my male counterparts at a row of urinals, used one of several empty stalls, then returned to my desk.

It’s a proven fact that sex is better when you genuinely like your partner as a person, or at the very least have some common ground to stand on.

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