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'Older, Wiser, Sexier' brings together the best of the cheeky but charming cartoons books to create the perfect gift for that person in your life who may be getting on a bit but certainly isn't past it.About the Author Bev Williams is a successful greeting card artist and creator of the Spring Chicken range.We spoke to four women to get their opinions on what they thought about guys who enjoy a bit of pampering and grooming.Surely a bit of grooming every now and again shouldn’t be only for women, right?

Any one of these beauties would make a great investment ‘Tis the season when we wish we could curl up and stay in bed the whole day, but unfortunately business needs to go on as usual. Try it on with a pair of genuine leather gloves (red or beige), a matching handbag, and remember that when you cinch it in at the waist with a belt it gives you a sexier silhouette.It’s important to keep warm yet stylish this winter, and we’ve got the answer . The bold block-print trench While you might be tired of this fun, bright garment by next season, it will certainly add some vibrancy and colour to your look this winter and will definitely brighten up the office.For more toned-down appeal, opt for a darker option.The odd manicure, a bit of tweezing on the brows and that once-in-a-while facial is great for looking and feeling good.But what do the ladies think about guys who indulge in these grooming pleasures?

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